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TFG Radio - A Warhammer 40k Podcast

Dec 29, 2019

Back for Episode 53! This episode Adam, Danny, and John talk about news for the upcoming LVO, GW's year and their opinions on how the company did with 8th edition now that its been 2 and a half years (it's not all rainbows and sunshine in the Grimdark), and more! PLEASE NOTE: Adam tried a new mic, then switched back...

Dec 21, 2019

Hey everyone, Allan and Jeff are back for another episode of Focused Fire! This episode they talk about their adventures at the Dicehammer Grand Tournament, any changes they plan to make for the Las Vegas Open as a result of this tournament, and some minor mistakes that were made during the tournament. Give it a listen.

Dec 13, 2019

Episode 52 is here! This week Adam, John, and Danny (3 of the LVO judges) talk about Chapter Approved, Psychic Awakenings, the MathHammer App, the latest news from LVO, and more!


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Dec 7, 2019

Jeff and Allan are back for more 40K talk. This episode they continue their Road to LVO series. They talk about having game knowledge, and how to obtain it, recognizing your mistakes in your games (other than blaming dice), and their preparations for the Dicehammer GT this weekend.


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Nov 28, 2019

This week we have another bonus episode. This time, though, it's Danny talking with Caleb, from CK Studios! They talk about the classes being offered at the upcoming Las Vegas Open, choosing a painter to follow, painting(obviously), and more!

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Las Vegas Open...