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TFG Radio - A Warhammer 40k Podcast

Dec 25, 2020

Happy holidays everyone! As a Christmas present we have a new episode of Focused Fire. This episode Allan and Jeff are joined by our clubmate, Dom. All 3 attended a 4man RTT recently and are here to regale us with tales from the tournament. This and more are in store for you in this episode. Again, Happy Holidays and...

Dec 19, 2020

Welcome to the last episode of the year! This week Adam, John, and Tom talk about the recent Death Guard sneak peaks, the GW army builder, the FAQs, how expensive $5 is, and more! Don't forget to turn in your 2020 based Haiku for a chance to win a non Forgeworld Lord of War of your choice.


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Dec 5, 2020

Adam, Danny, & John are back for another episode. This week they discuss the Blood Angel and Death Guard previews, Adam's renewed obsession with Blood Bowl, John's issue with Sanguinius, Danny's cries of pain, the status of the Las Vegas Open, and more!


Gameology Pasadena -

Nov 22, 2020

After a bit of a break, Focused Fire is back. This episode Allan and Jeff discuss an RTT they will be attending, command point discipline, questionable rules interactions, and more!

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Nov 14, 2020

Adam, Danny, and Tom are back once again for another episode of TFG Radio. This week they talk about the recent FAQs, what's changed in the Forgeworld book, when should your rules cutoff be for your tournament, and how to win a non Forgeworld Lord of War in our Annual Haiku contest.


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